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Korean Pop Dance Classes in London
- #K-Pop Dance Trainee life!
"LKDL is the first dance class in London to pioneer
a new revolution of K-Pop dance training
by forging a connection and blurring the lines
between the K-Pop dance fan culture, and the professional dance industry".

LKDL (LOVE K-POP DANCE LONDON) is a K-Pop dance company founded in August 2018, offering fun open K-Pop dance cover classes at the renowned Base Dance Studios in London with additional choreography classes at The Manor Ldn on Sundays. 


What makes us different is that we are the very first K-Pop dance company whose classes run on the timetable of a prestigious dance studio. We are the very first to be recognised and supported within London's professional dance industry, which we believe is a huge milestone and breakthrough in the history of the wider K-Pop dance society here in the Capital City, giving this dance genre the recognition it truly deserves.


Our classes are held at a leading industry dance studio where auditions are held and where dance professionals, music artists, dance companies and more, all rehearse and train.


We are the very first London company to provide our students with this authentic industry "dancer's life" experience - much like our K-Pop idols would have experienced themselves as trainees!


Occasionally we may offer in-house or Guest "pop-up" choreography classes, typically to non K-Pop songs and all original choreography so you can learn directly from the choreographer.


  • Our student audience are "beginners and improvers" (who like a challenge!). 

  • Our goal is simple. We want you to have fun, help you to grow your confidence in dance and of course who doesn't like a bit of dance fitness! 

  • Our emphasis is on industry dance training and ensuring you feel able to dance in a safe environment where everyone feels supported by one another - and that is something that is really important to us.


K-Pop (Korean Pop) dance itself is a great way for beginners to learn to dance - it definitely helps if you're a K-Pop fan! Dance is a huge part of K-Pop, often the artists' dance practice videos will be on YouTube so you can learn the choreography and create your own dance cover challenge. It's incredible how much K-Pop idols are in touch with their fans and fully encourage them to learn their dances!


What's more, because the dance practice choreography videos (and various tutorials) exist online within K-Pop dance culture, it gives beginner dancers across the world a unique and distinct homework advantage that you don't normally see anywhere else.

Here at LKDL, we also encourage everyone to make their own covers and to help represent London as a positive place for K-Pop dance.


Ultimately, dance is FUN. And K-Pop dance cover classes give you a taste of that K-dance training our idols go through. So if you're interested in learning dances from the likes of BLACKPINK, Red Velvet and BTS, NCT, then check out our timetable page (or Instagram story/Instagram "timetable story highlight") for updates & be sure to book a class. Let's celebrate K-Pop dance together!


Come on down and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere.


Hope to see you in class soon!



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