Photo Gallery

Some of our K-Pop Dance class photos
...(Taken pre-Pandemic..!)
"Class of Hwasa: Twit"
"Class of Hyo & 3Lau"
"Class of Jay Park"
"Class of K/DA: POP/STARS"
"Class of Red Velvet: RBB"
"Class of BTS: Save Me!"
Class of BLACKPINK "Boombayah"
Class of Produce 48_Rumor_(Mila Cover)
"Class of Sunmi: Siren!"
"Class of BTS: Anpanman!"
Class of Itzy "Dalla Dalla"
"Class of Red Velvet: Power Up!"
Class of Twice_Breakthrough (covered by
"Class of (G)I-DLE: Hann!"
"Class of Hyolyn: Dally!"
"Class of BLACKPINK: Forever Young!"
Class of ITZY "ICY" (#lkdlterri)
"Class of Hyolyn: Dally!"
Class of TWICE_TT (Halloween)
Class of Mamamoo_Hip_January 2020_LKDLYe