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Who We are
We are all passionate about dance :D Our aim is to deliver an energetic fun dance class experience and ensure our beginner students get a good dance workout. We want our students to benefit from dance training in an industry environment so they can be the best dancer they can be, and we warmly encourage everyone to grow with confidence while dancing safely with us in the studio. Scroll down to find out more.
Louise Quan_LKDL Company Director and Dance Instructor_(LKDLlouise)
Louise Quan 
Dance Instructor
& Company Director/Founder
Instagram: @louise.quan
Nicknames include: "Lou"
"LouLou" "Quan"

Louise is the Creator and Company Director of LKDL (LOVE K-POP DANCE LONDON) having founded LKDL back in 2018, and has been dancing for over 15 years. From her position as Director of Marketing at a London--based Media Advertising Technology company full-time (and training, performing and teaching dance during the whole time of her career!) she made the leap to spend time focussing solely on LKDL. She believed in providing an inclusive space where people new to dance felt safe to join class, to express themselves, feel welcomed and a place they could be a part of and belong.

In particular a space for K-POP fans to be introduced to and experience a professional dance environment for the first time and have fun, believing dance has many benefits and that everyone has to start somewhere. She also says that the hardest thing for people is to motivate themselves to book class and then come to class as people can often hold themselves back, so if you can achieve that then you're already a winner in her eyes!


In terms of dance teacher training, she achieved her formal dance instructor training in 2014. In terms of teaching, she has choreographed for London's 800 year old parade "The Lord Mayors Show", a leading children’s gymnastics team, at various London gyms and taught her own commercial choreography successfully in a series of open classes and workshops.
Her dance experience has also taken her abroad for paid artist performances.

She was part of Rina Sawayama's original dance team and was backing dancer in her music video for "Cyber Stockholm Syndrome" and performed with her on stage too at the Camden Roundhouse, a music festival and other venues.


Louise has a few years experience in teaching K--POP dance and chose to specialise in this area due to the fun culture and the sense of connection it brings. Her interest in K-POP all started with the infamous 2NE1. She cites BLACKPINK, Taemin and Kai as her ultimate favourites. She has seen BLACKPINK and BTS in concert.

A self-confessed extroverted introvert, as an instructor Louise is loud, energetic, fun, warm, thorough, caring, somewhat goofy and a big community cheerleader who notices each individual in a class and is immediately alert and experienced with knowing what to do and how to ensure everyone feels confident with the dance. She focusses on really encouraging everyone to do well and push themselves but most of all to let go and have fun. Her personal values set the standard for the future of the LKDL classes.


Although she is an alumni of WAC Performing Arts College London & previously performed for various dance troupes (street dance and contemporary), companies and events in and outside of London, she still considers herself a late starter when it comes to dance and has found purpose in showing others that it’s never too late to learn and enjoy. 

These days Louise is busy parenting while simultaneously and invisibly running LKDL as Company Director on a daily basis 7 days a week and supporting, coordinating and nurturing the LKDL team. She monitors the classes, the social media, manages the timetable and team scheduling overall and coordinating LKDL as a whole to ensure LKDL values are continually embraced throughout the whole space and that teachers and students alike are having a great time. She struggles to be in class most weeks these days due to her balancing her personal commitments and the necessary LKDL office work and hopes to be in class more to have fun dancing, but if you see her do smile and give her a wave! 

Louise truly believes everyone can dance if they are open, focused, determined and passionate enough about it - "With the right attitude, you can achieve anything!"

Jasmine Bhovan 
LKDL Associate

Jasmine is part of our behind-the-scenes/back-of-house team and was previously our Social Media Assistant who joined LKDL on a year- long internship in 2019, assisting with the LKDL Instagram account alongside her studies in fashion marketing. Her studies now completed, she now works in social media professionally full-time for a beauty company while supporting LKDL social media and generally when she can.


She absolutely loves K-POP music and her favourite concerts so far have been BTS, NCT 127 and Stray Kids. In her spare time Jasmine loves listening to music, dancing and of course watching

K-POP videos! With a passion for fashion, she creates outfits and finds interesting locations for her and her friends to shoot pictures. 


A social media enthusiast and excited to be part of the team, Jasmine admits to being on social media 24/7 since she enjoys creating, editing, and connecting with different people from around the world.


K-POP was first introduced to Jasmine when she saw NCT U "BOSS" trending on YouTube: 

“I have been hooked ever since. I love the fact that all songs are choreographed and how each new concept tells a story. All comebacks are so unique and creative, and I am always gaining outfit inspiration from new music videos!” 

Chloe Priya_LKDL Social Media Manager_v2.jpg
Chloe Priya Matharu
Social Media Manager
Instagram: @chloe_priya_kaur
Nickname(s): "Chlo", "Chlo Chlo",
"Chlo Bo", "Chlo-hey"

Chloe is our Social Media Manager having started with us in February 2024. A graduate from Bird College, a prestigious dance school, Chloe gained first-hand experience in social media within the dance industry and the impact it has on the industry alongside her extensive work in retail managing social media. Luxury hospitality and customer service also forms part of her experience and background.

Watching SHINEee's "Lucifer" Music Video introduced her to K-POP for the first time and from there she casually listened to many groups including EXO and Big Bang, only fully delving into the K-POP world when she started listening to Stray Kids. Their songs and dynamic choreography really caught her eye and made her want to start learning the choreography. From there, she found LKDL and attended her first lesson on ITZY's 'Weapon' and fell in love with LKDL classes.


The rest is history as Chloe often attends classes weekly and frequents most K-Choreography classes since. She has found a real interest in Korean choreographers and enjoys the style and vibe of the dances. Her favourite choreographers are Alexx, JHO, and Howl. 

Her ult groups are Stray Kids, ITZY and Ateez (she is guilty of listening to Stray Kids for 16 hours straight one day in 2023, as her Spotify wrapped presented!) and absolutely adores K-POP, especially the dance side of it. She recently went to see Korea on Stage in which she got to watch Ateez and will be going to see Stray Kids in Milano and at BST Hyde Park in Summer 2024.

Chloe really enjoys social media and loves how informed and connected it makes her feel. She spends a lot of time chatting to her friends on social media but also connecting with people through classes and communities she has found through K-POP.

Since she loves connecting with others, Chloe is excited to join the team and utilise her social media experience and skills at LKDL. Having found LKDL through social media channels herself, Chloe is really keen to help others find the safe and supportive environment that LKDL offers and hopes she can help more people attend classes and have a great time making friends and exploring K-POP dance.  

If you see Chloe in class, be sure to give her a smile and say hi!

Rebeka Kiss_(LKDL Dance Instructor)
Rebeka Kiss
Dance Instructor

Bio pending!

Juju Bon_LKDL Dance Instructor
Juju bon
Dance Instructor

"I'm Juju, a London-based dancer and performer! My preferred styles are hip-hop, commercial and I often focus on K-pop and J-pop covers too! From a young age, I've performed at many university events, showcases, festivals and conventions and also had the pleasure to guest at Texas Idol Festival in 2019! Super excited to teach alongside LKDL and learn new choreographies with you all! See you soon :) "

Yana Lesyk_LKDL Dance Instructor
DancE Instructor

Yana is a professional dancer and choreographer from Ukraine.

"Throughout my 7-year experience in the dance world I had the chance to create and perform for various artists on national TV, solo concerts and music videos, hold regular Jazz-Funk and High Heels classes in the biggest studio of Western Ukraine and devoted a huge part of my career to competition dance teams - both being part of several crews and mentoring my own.


K-Pop grabbed my attention after my favourite choreographer Brian Friedman posted Itzy’s “ICY” on his Instagram. From that point on Itzy became my ult and I got more and more involved into K-Pop, from just listening to various groups to taking part in competitions and filming dance covers with our team."

Jeremy Lee_LKDL Dance Instructor
Jeremy Lee
Dance Instructor

Jeremy has one goal when it comes to teaching: inspiring students to have fun in class! With experience in teaching all levels of abilities, Jeremy will deliver an informative class to help students improve whilst maintaining a safe and inviting atmosphere for them to be their authentic self. Jeremy’s 6 years dance training ranges over many styles, including: ballet, jazz, commercial and hip-hop. He has won national dance competitions as well as performed at prestigious events such as: Royal Albert Hall Proms and MOVE IT and has experience in teaching 2x weekly open classes (street and hip-hop) for 3 academic years to 250+ students. Jeremy also has experience preparing showcase and competition performances across a range of mixed skill levels and has also taught workshops overseas as an international guest.


Jeremy quotes his current K-POP “biases” include: ITZY, aespa, Le Sserafim and NewJeans.


Jeremy always says: “Anyone who is ready to learn is welcome in my class!”.

Nicholas Piscedda_LKDL Dance Instructor
Dance Instructor

Born in Italy 2001 and with a dance background in Latin American and more recently in Commercial and Hip-Hop, Nick has always loved performing since he was a kid. His aim when he teaches is to bring out the very best in everyone while having fun. Based in Brighton, Nick is a professional dance teacher who currently teaches weekly at Brighton Marina Studios (K-POP and Commercial Dance), all while training and occasionally participating in K-POP dance covers within the London dance cover community.


A vibrant, open and compassionate individual, Nick's manner is approachable and welcoming with a fun supportive energy!

"I’m super super excited to be part of this amazing team and start teaching. Let’s have lots of fun and create wonderful memories together!"

Atiti Iduozee_LKDL Dance Instructor
Dance Instructor
Nickname(s) include: "Ati"

Atiti is a professional performer, choreography and dance teacher from Finland. 

"I was first introduced to K-Pop through 2PM by my high-school friend group back in Finland.

Before I realised what had happened it was too late. There was no going back!


Since then, I have been dancing, teaching and competing in the world of K-Pop dance. I absolutely love the art of imitating someone's movement and putting your own unique twist to it.


I strive to be an encouraging and uplifting teacher. I find it important to create a challenging but fun environment where everybody feels comfortable.

At the end of the day, getting to dance together is something one should cherish and I'm so excited to teach for LKDL and can't wait to dance together!"

Selina Qing_Headshot.jpg
Selina Qing
Dance Instructor (cover)

Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Selina began dancing at 4 years old, starting out with ballet, jazz, and acro. As a preteen, she found a love for K-pop, which led her to start dancing hip-hop and commercial styles starting from age 12, which she hasn’t stopped doing since!


She became a K-pop dance instructor in 2017 after being asked to teach as a part of a K-pop cover team back in Canada, and over her time there, taught over 100+ drop-in and private classes to both beginner and intermediate students alike. 


Teaching dance is one of her favourite ways of enjoying the hobby, as she loves helping her students gain confidence and improve on their skills over time. 


TWICE is her ultimate bias K-pop group, but she also is a fan of artists like NCT, ITZY, Sunmi, and EXO (having been an EXO-L since their debut almost 10 years ago!).


Selina graduated from UCL where she was teaching weekly classes or in performances for UCL’s Kpop Society.

Yeonsoo Do_LKDL Dance Instructor
Dance Instructor (cover)
Instagram: @coco.ys.kpop
Nickname(s) include: "Coco"

Yeonsoo from South Korea is a contemporary dancer and choreographer, having studied a master’s programme (MFA Choreography) at Trinity Laban Conservatoire Music and Dance and has been performing in events and shows based in Seoul and London. 


She also trained in other genres such as ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, street dance and acting in order to help broaden her range of dance vocabulary. 

Fashion styling, makeup, choreographing to K-Pop music as well covering the K-Pop dances forms part of her passions in life alongside contemporary dance. 

Yeonsoo is a very caring and approachable teacher and is excited to be teaching at Love K-Pop Dance London, challenging herself, her students and ensuring everyone feels good dancing together.


“I want people to feel how I feel when it comes to K-POP -  happy and shining!”

Ju-Hyun Lee - Guest K-Pop Dance Instructor for LKDL
Ju-Hyun Lee 
Dance Instructor

Instagram: @_juhyunlee
Nicknames include:
"Judes" and "Judy"

Ju-Hyun trained in ballet, tap and jazz as a child and began training in jazz funk and lyrical dance after moving to Hong Kong for university. She joined a university dance team and also taught ballet classes part-time. 


She came across K-Pop accidentally after graduation whilst trying to work on her Korean skills (she's half Korean and half Hong Kong Chinese) and ended up staying for the fun choreography and community.

Judy cites Taemin's "Move" as being her all-time favourite K-Pop dance with her favourite artists being Sunmi, Hyolyn and BLACKPINK. 


Outside of K-Pop dance she works for the Government (not even a little bit dance related!) and takes commercial and lyrical classes on weekends. She firmly believes that dance is for everybody and the most important thing is to have fun in class!

Currently Judy is working overseas!

Venus Liu_Choreographer and LKDL Dance Instructor (class guest/cover)
Choreographer / Dance Instructor
(choreography Class Guest/cover) 
Instagram: @venusxxll
Nickname(s) include:

Venus is one of our teachers covering our choreography class and she will be sharing her own original choreography with us in the dance styles ranging from Jazz Funk, Commercial and Heels. 


Typically, you’ll find her training at BASE Dance Studios amongst other established dance studios and she is known for her full-out strong performances and amazing memory. 


Caring a lot about her students, she really “goes for it” and always encourages her students to do the same so that they feel empowered when they dance and leave class feeling confident. 


Venus came to London from Hong Kong 2 years ago to study theatre arts which has enabled her to become aware of body movements and “feelings” when choreographing dance pieces.


Having trained in the dance styles of Jazz Funk, Commercial and Heels, she favours these dance styles the most and says: 


"Steps are not that important as long as you got your groove and can feel the song properly! Dance is a journey we take together and we will work hard to learn the steps and have fun!”.


Although Venus's cover classes will be more choreography, she is no stranger to K-pop having come across them  from when she was in high school and had since became obsessed with Big Bang and of course G-Dragon. 


She used to do girl group K-pop covers for her old dance group. 

More recently she has been pursuing her passion for Commercial industry dance training.

Mila Pan_LKDL Dance Instructor
Mila Pan 
Dance Instructor
Instagram: @milapandance
Nicknames include:
"Luda", "Liud" and "Milochka"

Mila is a professional ballet dancer and choreographer who graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts from which she moved on to join a Russian ballet company, performing in numerous shows which enabled her to travel the world. Mila also studied contemporary, jazz and latin dance styles. Her experience has led her to focus on teaching which she continued when she moved to London. She absolutely loves teaching, inspiring students to work on their progress and help them to become confident dancers. She has a track record of working with diverse groups of people across different age ranges and abilities, and has also prepared students for competitions and performances. 


Her passion for K-Pop started after watching BTS’s “Blood, Sweat and Tears” music video.

Their stage presence, meaningful lyrics and choreography blew her away. 

“K-Pop definitely brings joy and happiness to my life,” she says, “It’s something that makes my eyes sparkle!”


Mila’s students describe her as a very motivating, demanding, yet caring teacher with high-energy classes that are always challenging and fun.   

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