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Introducing our Team
Our team are all passionate about dance and our instructors all have experience in dance. Our aim is to deliver you with an energetic fun dance class experience and ensure that you get a good dance workout!
We want you to truly benefit from real industry dance training so you can be the best dancer you can be! 
Most of the time, it will be #LKDLLouise teaching, however from time-to-time our guest cover instructors will be available to teach and are all committed to providing you with a high quality professional standard of teaching. Scroll down to find out more about us.
Louise Quan 
Dance Instructor
& Company Director/Founder
Instagram: @louise.quan
Nicknames include: "Lou" "LouLou" "Louie" "Quannie" "Quan"

Louise is the Creator and Company Director of Love K-Pop Dance London and has been dancing for over a decade. She also had a 10 year career in marketing, working within the media and technology business world and was Director of Marketing. She achieved her formal dance instructor training in 2014. In terms of teaching, she has choreographed for London's 800 year old parade "The Lord Mayors Show", a leading children’s gymnastics team, and at various London gyms. Her dance experience has also taken her abroad for performances. 


Louise has a few years experience in teaching K--Pop dance and has chosen to specialise in this area due to the fun culture and the sense of connection it brings. Her interest in K-Pop all started with the infamous 2NE1 and she cites BLACKPINK as her favourite K-pop girl group. 


Outside of K-Pop dance, you'll find her training in commercial dance and teaching her own choreography in the Company's "K-Style Commercial" class.  


Although she is an alumni of WAC Performing Arts College London & previously performed for various dance troupes (street dance and contemporary), companies and events in and outside of London, she still considers herself a late starter when it comes to dance and has found purpose in showing others that it’s never too late to learn and enjoy. 


Louise truly believes everyone can dance if they are open, focused, determined and passionate enough about it - "With the right attitude, you can achieve anything!"

Ju-Hyun Lee 
Dance Instructor
Instagram: @_juhyunlee
Nicknames include:
"Judes" and "Judy"

Ju-Hyun trained in ballet, tap and jazz as a child and began training in jazz funk and lyrical dance after moving to Hong Kong for university. She joined a university dance team and also taught ballet classes part-time. 


She came across K-Pop accidentally after graduation whilst trying to work on her Korean skills (she's half Korean and half Hong Kong Chinese) and ended up staying for the fun choreography and community.

Judy cites Taemin's "Move" as being her all-time favourite K-Pop dance with her favourite artists being Sunmi, Hyolyn and BLACKPINK. 


Outside of K-Pop dance she works 9-5 in supply chain (not even a little bit dance related!) and takes commercial and lyrical classes on weekends. She firmly believes that dance is for everybody and the most important thing is to have fun in class!

Mila Pan: Dance Instructor at Love K-Pop Dance London
Mila Pan 
Dance Instructor
Instagram: @milapandance
Nicknames include:
"Luda", "Liud" and "Milochka"

Mila is a professional ballet dancer and choreographer who graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts from which she moved on to join a Russian ballet company, performing in numerous shows which enabled her to travel the world. Mila also studied contemporary, jazz and latin dance styles. Her experience has led her to focus on teaching which she continued when she moved to London. She absolutely loves teaching, inspiring students to work on their progress and help them to become confident dancers. She has a track record of working with diverse groups of people across different age ranges and abilities, and has also prepared students for competitions and performances. 


Her passion for K-Pop started after watching BTS’s “Blood, Sweat and Tears” music video.

Their stage presence, meaningful lyrics and choreography blew her away. 

“K-Pop definitely brings joy and happiness to my life,” she says, “It’s something that makes my eyes sparkle!”


Mila’s students describe her as a very motivating, demanding, yet caring teacher with high-energy classes that are always challenging and fun.   

Dance Instructor
Instagram: @coco.ys.kpop
Nickname(s) include: "Coco"

Yeonsoo from South Korea is a contemporary dancer and choreographer, having studied a master’s programme (MFA Choreography) at Trinity Laban Conservatoire Music and Dance and has been performing in events and shows based in Seoul and London. 


She also trained in other genres such as ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop, street dance and acting in order to help broaden her range of dance vocabulary. 

Fashion styling, makeup, choreographing to K-Pop music as well covering the K-Pop dances forms part of her passions in life alongside contemporary dance. 

Yeonsoo is a very caring and approachable teacher and is excited to be teaching at Love K-Pop Dance London, challenging herself, her students and ensuring everyone feels good dancing together.


“I want people to feel how I feel when it comes to K-POP -  happy and shining!”

chiara Seghezzi 
dance instructor.
(K-Style commercial classes/cover)
Instagram: @chiaracapulet

Chiara is one of our teachers covering our “K-Style Commercial” class with her own original choreography. Her choreography style is incredibly versatile - from “girly full-out” dance to “boyish” hip-hop street style dances as well as lyrical and contemporary. 


Since coming to London, Chiara has been cultivating her childhood dream of becoming a dancer and has trained in various styles ever since. Her dance roots began in street styles such as Waacking, Vogue and Locking all the way to Hip-Hop and Commercial choreography and her hard work and dedication has seen her go from strength-to-strength. 


You’ll often find her training at BASE Dance Studios! 


Chiara has a huge passion for Korea and K-pop and speaks fluent Korean. She is currently studying Korean at SOAS University, and credits her BA course for her experience and time abroad in Korea, since she was able to train and dance everyday in major dance studios in Seoul.


Having spent 1 year being trained by, and working alongside the likes of Mina Myoung, May J Lee and other incredible choreographers at 1 Million Dance Studios, gave her the opportunity to dance alongside music artist Jason Derulo, perform in Mina Myoung’s promotional “Bass Drop” video, as well as take class with Mamamoo present for Mina Myoung’s choreography to “GogoBebe”. 


Looking to pursue her professional dance career further in London, she is really excited to start teaching at (L):KD-L and looks forward to meeting everyone and sharing her love and passion for dance through her choreography. 

Choreographer / Dance Instructor
(K-Style Commercial Classes
Instagram: @venusxxll
Nickname(s) include:

Venus is one of our teachers covering our “K-Style Commercial” class and she will be sharing her own original choreography with us in the dance styles ranging from Jazz Funk, Commercial and Heels. 


Typically, you’ll find her training at BASE Dance Studios amongst other established dance studios and she is known for her full-out strong performances and amazing memory. 


Caring a lot about her students, she really “goes for it” and always encourages her students to do the same so that they feel empowered when they dance and leave class feeling confident. 


Venus came to London from Hong Kong 2 years ago to study theatre arts which has enabled her to become aware of body movements and “feelings” when choreographing dance pieces.


Having trained in the dance styles of Jazz Funk, Commercial and Heels, she favours these dance styles the most and says: 


"Steps are not that important as long as you got your groove and can feel the song properly! Dance is a journey we take together and we will work hard to learn the steps and have fun!”.


Although Venus will be focussing on teaching in our K-Style Commercial classes, she is no stranger to K-pop having come across them  from when she was in high school and had since became obsessed with Big Bang and of course G-Dragon. 


She used to do girl group K-pop covers for her old dance group. 

More recently she has been pursuing her passion for Commercial industry dance training.

Terri Pham 
Dance Instructor
Instagram: @tp_terri4sure
Nicknames include:
"T" and "Tel"

Having enjoyed dance when she was younger, Terri has since trained at different dance studios in London while working as a freelance dancer. She has appeared in many music videos and on TV as a backup dancer.


She initially got into K-Pop a long time ago listening and dancing to BoA. But after moving to England, she then focused her dance training only on commercial and choreography since K-Pop was not popular at the time. Her passion was re-kindled once again when she joined some K-Pop dance groups and participated in London performances and competitions. 


Terri achieved her teaching qualification in 2016, and began to specialise in teaching K-Pop dance, and has been really enjoying her K-Pop dance journey so far. She wants to share the joy and happiness of K-Pop music to as many people as possible and believes class should be about the students having fun. 


After working for a few different venues and companies, Terri has finally set up on her own and currently runs her own regular K-Pop classes at K.ARC Dance

Jasmine Bhovan_headshot.JPG
Jasmine Bhovan 
social media assistant

Jasmine is our Social Media Assistant, joining Love K-Pop Dance London on a year- long internship to gain work experience by looking after the Company Instagram and Twitter accounts alongside her studies in Fashion Marketing. 


She absolutely loves K-pop music and her favourite concerts so far have been BTS, NCT 127 and Stray Kids. In her spare time Jasmine loves listening to music, dancing and of course watching

K-pop videos! With a passion for fashion, she creates outfits and finds interesting locations for her and her friends to shoot pictures. 


A social media enthusiast and excited to be part of the team, Jasmine admits to being on social media 24/7 since she enjoys creating, editing, and connecting with different people from around the world and hopes to pursue a career in social media.


K-pop was first introduced to Jasmine when she saw NCT U "BOSS" trending on YouTube: 

“I have been hooked ever since. I love the fact that all songs are choreographed and how each new concept tells a story. All comebacks are so unique and creative, and I am always gaining outfit inspiration from new music videos!” 

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