Member of the Month: December 2018 Winner!

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Congratulations to Annabelle who has been crowned our Member of the Month December 2018!

She is our first Member of the Month EVER to win our fun competition!

Well done Annabelle!

Here's what we had to say about Annabelle when we reviewed her progress:

Over the past month or so, Annabelle's confidence soared and continues to grow.

Her pick-up of the moves has really improved plus her ability to remember the moves.

When she doesn't remember the moves or forgets a little detail or a step, she seems to easily be able to move past it without letting it phase her, and she manages to pick up at exactly the right time and place with the right moves in the choreography without messing up the timing or making it incredibly obvious which is a good skill to have.

She focusses very well in class, paying particular attention to the timing and understanding how each move flows into the next which means she is confident when practicing in class.

She also uses every spare second that she needs to go over/mark any moves on her own so that she may memorise them or figure the moves out.

Little by little, it is clear she relies less and less on the teacher when practicing and when she realises that she understands the moves, she then relies on herself and takes the time to dance and improve when she sees herself dancing in the mirror.

Additionally, when she knows the dance and is fairly confident of it, she still listens carefully for any cues or tips that are given, and seeks to implement these in class as soon as she can. This type of self-learning is very good in dance and through all the above her growing confidence in dance really shines through.

She is at her absolute best dance performance when she is having fun and clearly enjoying the dance and her character!

Here's what Annabelle said when she received her accolade:

"I've said this about a million times to Louise but thank you so much! I’ve been trying harder with dancing lately and I’m glad it shows. A few people have said I’ve improved too but I honestly wasn’t sure it was noticeable. But it’s kinda crazy to think I went from struggling to remember all of the steps and timing to actually being able to sort of perform something by the end of a class. One of my goals for 2019 is to keep getting better so I’ll be working hard! I also just wanna say I love seeing everyone at (L):KD-L every week and watching you guys improve month on month. I’m cheering you on!"

Well done Annabelle! Keep growing and shining!

About our Member of the Month Competition:

About our Member of the Month Competition!

"Member of the Month" is our fun monthly competition designed to push every one of our members to significantly improve in their dancing in a healthy way. All(!) our members need to do is work really hard and improve in their dancing that month. It does mean that their attendance to class has to be regular in order to work on their progress and see maximum improvement results.

In addition, if any members don't make class video (because usually we go in formation with a certain number of people), it helps to ask others to record you (after 8pm in class) when the opportunity arises and we take turns to go in groups (usually, this is indicated in class).

Don't forget to tag @lovekpopdancelondon on Instagram with all your stories and posts so we can see it!

Louise, your seonsaeng, is the judge of course! There is no bias. Louise will be a part of your dance journey and watch all members grow - and the most improved of the month receives an accolade!

Members can improve in so many ways: timing (being exactly in sync to the idols/music), clean technique, polished and enjoyment of performance and “swag”. There are a bunch of things but trust us we will know when we see it! Even if you don’t feel you’ve improved, if we think you have then you could be our club member of the month.

Similarly, if members feel they have worked really hard but don't receive the award (there's only one award to go around guys...) then keep working even harder to show a significant improvement!

There's always terms and conditions though..... "DA RULES"

That said, if there is no significant improvement in our members dance performance overall then there is no award that month :( - sounds harsh right, but even more reason to be motivated and to "go get it". Let's raise the bar guys! Your seonsaeng not only wants you to learn whatever dance you attend in class but wants you all to improve in your ability overall as a dancer and have fun doing so!

How to become a Member:

There are a lot of new faces week-to-week in our classes and a lot of people coming and going which is difficult to keep track of, and we receive a lot of questions such as "How do I become a member?"

Read our blog post here to read all about becoming an (L):KD-L Member.

Please remember that students who regularly come to class can qualify to be a member.

In addition, we receive a lot of member requests and meet a lot of people, and it can be difficult to tell from an email address who that particular person is, whether they have attended class a few times and when etc etc.

Essentially we want to know who you, and our members are, so please as well as signing up to the Members Zone, reach out to us on our Instagram @lovekpopdancelondon (direct message) or via our contact us form and let us know what classes you attended so that the register can be checked and we can approve your free membership.

If your member request is still pending, please introduce yourself and say hello after class (or before entering the studio!).

Please don't be disheartened if you don't receive a timely response soon when you contact us... please understand we get an overwhelming amount of queries from current students, prospective students, members, organisations and events. If a few days have passed, please feel free to follow up and give us a nudge!

On a rather sentimental note, thank you to all our members (and everyone else of course!) for being supportive of Louise's classes. (L):KD-L was only founded in August this year and it has been incredible to see you all in class and amazing to hear your words of encouragement.

Encouragement goes both ways!




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