Member of the Month rundown! March - April and May - June 2019

Here's a quick rundown (and repost) of our blog content for our Member of the Month winners! As well as an update about our member competition!

March - April 2019 Winner: Zoya

Here's what we had to say about Zoya when we reviewed her progress:

"It has been a joy to watch Zoya’s dance progress over the last few weeks, certainly since first dancing with us and she is a testament to how passion, commitment, hard work and a great attitude yields noticeable results.

No longer a shy and nervous dancer, Zoya has finally found her confidence and has emerged as someone who is incredibly attentive in class, is willing to ask questions if she’s unsure about anything and puts in her best to make sure that she directly takes on board what is being taught and incorporates it as soon as she can into her dancing. Plus she is a great and positive presence to have in class.

The improvement level has been really great to see and really shows. There have been certain skills that have developed over the last few weeks that has quickly come to the forefront in her dancing.

She is now confident making much bigger shapes, holding her shapes for a lot longer, holding tension in her movements, hitting moves in the right place and and no longer rushing, now finding the right timing in the music. Her recall of the moves taught has improved significantly and it's a delight to see the difference from before and after. She marks the moves and goes over them as much as she possibly can in class once it’s taught and watches out for anything she may have missed. In addition, it is clear she has also been working on her levels which previously had been very difficult for her before.

In addition, Zoya now only looks at herself in the mirror when she is dancing and is no longer self-conscious when she dances. A growing understanding of movement, of how the body can move and how and where to execute the moves has really helped her to grow in her self-learning.

The key element with Zoya that has enabled her to improve quickly is that she is much more relaxed in class and clearly enjoys dancing.

Coupled with a great learning attitude and good focus, this means she has ensured there is an improvement in her dancing.

When she is faced with challenges, or finds a particular choreography challenging, she does not give up.

She still practices, she still tries, and all of the challenges that she has faced has led her to this point.

Zoya knows what she needs to work on this year in order to take her dancing to her next level and we wish her the best in her training and can’t wait to see her shine even brighter!"

Keep pushing yourself Zoya - keep up the great work! You've got this!

May - June 2019 Winner: Ruben

Here's what we had to say about Ruben when we reviewed his progress:

"Ruben joined our K-Pop Dance Company as what appeared to be a seemingly "shy" or quiet student but has really proven himself as an incredibly competent and strong dancer who has grown exceptionally in his dancing within such a short period of time.

It has been a real joy to see him emerge more and more confident in his dancing over the weeks. He has worked hard to hone his learning ability very quickly so that he soaks up information like a sponge and processes and applies the information directly and as quickly as he can.

He is an exceptionally attentive student, very focussed and listens very carefully in class.

He has good attention to detail and isn't afraid to ask questions in a class full of mostly adults if he is really unsure or needs to clarify anything at all.

At 16 years old, Ruben is one of the youngest members of our dance company.

Because of his attention to detail and focus (and also because he marks the moves as soon as possible whenever there is a spare second which definitely helps), he has been able to translate and interpret movement accordingly and very quickly understands what type of movement should be conveyed. He also has a very good grasp of timing with his movements, knowing how long a movement or dance sequence or combination should be executed for.

When he does make any mistakes they are usually very minor and he is able to keep calm and carry on and doesn't allow it to faze him which is one of the many marks of a good dancer with a professional attitude.

His dancing is a lot "bigger" and a lot more confident now. The most important thing is that he enjoys the dance.

Ruben knows what he needs to work on to push his dancing to the next level and we can't wait to see more of Ruben's dancing and watch him really grow in his performance so that he can be an even stronger dancer."

Well done Ruben! Keep up the great work and keep making K-Pop dance covers!

About our Member Competition: Update!

Our member competition will now be awarded on a quarterly basis to really give our company members a clear opportunity (!) to improve significantly within a reasonable time range (3 months!).

The next awards will be:

  • July, August, September Winner: Awarded approximately end of September/beginning of October.

  • October, November, December Winner: Awarded approximately end of December.

Time to train everyone!!! Get your dance training in and enjoy!!





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