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Interview with The Telegraph Newspaper: Love K-Pop Dance London

Our Company Director & Founder Louise Quan recently did an interview with The Telegraph newspaper to talk about and help raise awareness and understanding of K-pop and K-pop dance to their readers and the UK's general public.


K-pop and K-pop dance has been around and celebrated for a long time by millions worldwide, and it's amazing to see it now capturing the wider attention and recognition it deserves by the mainstream.

We believe K-Pop dance classes are a great way to connect with and support each other, to celebrate and be closer to our favourite idols, all while getting fit, having fun and gaining dance training in a professional dance studio!

It's incredible to see classes across the Capital city growing in popularity and we're proud to be part of a wonderful and inclusive London community.

For anyone looking for a good New Year's resolution, K-pop dance classes are a positive place to start!



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